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in Just 4 weeks

lose weight, inches,get rid of the belly bloat and stop the cravings for good!

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You will gain access to the program instantly!

The Best Weight Loss Plan Starts Here!


Join the 4-Week Fat Blaster Kickoff!



Start Feeling Healthier And Happier TODAY!


4-WEEK MEAL PLAN...4 delicious weeks of meals packed with foods that move the fat-burning needle! Get instant access to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, plan for the week.  100+ pages

*You WILL LOSE 10 pounds the first month if you follow this program!
Click Here To Order Now!
You will gain access to the program instantly!
Click Here To Order Now!
You will gain access to the program instantly!

Blast Those Pounds Away!

4-WEEKS of FAT BLASTING WORKOUTS...Daily workouts to get your body back in shape.

From Kickboxing, Tabata's, Yoga, Sculpting, Step workouts & more. The average workout time is 30 minutes. Plus, I've thrown in a few yoga & pilates workouts for recovery days.

Join the 4-Week Fat Blaster Kickoff!


          Inside This Action Packed Program…          

4-Week Meal Plan Rotation Calendar for you to follow        

Grocery List & 54 Delicious yummy recipes

Goal Setting Worksheets & Tips

Comprehensive 4 week workout Calendar

20 Fat Blasting video workouts & a 10 min bonus workout       Healthy Habit Calendar & Daily Wellness Checklist so much more jammed packed

into this Fat Blasting

100+ page e-book & 20 workout videos!

Your Fat Blaster Meal Plan and Workout Videos

are already waiting for you upon sign up! 

Regular Price $195



Click Here To Order Now!
You will gain access to the program instantly!

The meal plan & workouts are 100% digital, so there's no shipping,

and you can start RIGHT NOW!

You have nothing to lose but those

unwanted pounds and inches!

Get a jump start in 2017 for a Slim. Sexy. Fit. New You!


Janis' Accountability Group

for as low as only $11.75 /monthly *sold separate

Get FAST lasting Fat Loss Results with my #TeamJSFit Accountability Group!

Share and discuss your challenges and successes, stay motivated, & get inspired,

A community of supportive people helping each other, access to me and my elite coaches!

Access to my private Facebook Community!

Daily motivation, guidance and new BFF's with like-minded friends that understand!

#TEAMJSFit Accountability Group is only available  to those who have purchased the JANIS SAFFELL 4 Week Fat Blaster Program above.

If you're ready to make a lasting change,

and have FUN doing it, this group is for YOU!

#TEAMJSFit Accountability

* Purchase the 4 Week Fat Blaster Program prior to joining the #TEAMJSFit Accountability Group!

Can't wait to hear about your weight loss success with this program!

Janis Saffell Creator of The 4-Week Fat Blaster Program

Note: This is a digital download & streaming program… Nothing is MAILED to you.  You will gain instant access to the program immediately after purchasing.  Please download the 4 Week Fat Blaster Meal Planner PDF to a computer.  Workout Videos may be streamed via computer, mobile device, or Apple TV.

*This plan was designed for women & men who have more than 15 lbs to lose. It will work for those who have less to lose but the loss will be more gradual (1-2.5 lbs week one).

allison d.
16 pounds and 13 inches gone! IBS symptoms have disappeared! Another incredible transformation from this mom in 10 weeks!

"This program has been a life changing experience for me. I used to eat candy every day and I felt sick everyday. Now I eat clean and feel fantastic. The diet is easy to follow and so are the videos. I learned what to eat, when and how much. I lost weight, feel confident, and much happier! The one thing that made a big difference for me was that I was able to change my diet without messing up my stomach. This program is phenomenal!!!!"

-Allison D., Havertown, PA

Cathy B.
Down 14 pounds, 3 jean sizes and 4 inches off her waist! She went from not expecting any change ever to lost fat, gained muscle, and feeling good as a result.
But the biggest change, the biggest difference for me was the sugar.  I have found that since eating so clean on this program, if I had cheated or went back to sugar and processed foods, I would have such a severe reaction-I ended up with a major headache! To me, this just shows how toxic the food is and how the body really doesn't want it. Feeling so much better, eating clean, with more energy and alertness, and just an overall sense of healthy, is so much better than diving into sugar or a bag of processed junk. The online workouts were right to the point, they were efficient, they were challenging and can be adapted to any level. And they were all different!”                                                                               
                                                                              -Cathy B., Forked River, NJ
gregg w.
lost 11.6 lbs, 4.25 inches off his waist and has kept it off!!
“With JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™, I've lost over 11 pounds and more than 3 1/2 inches around my waist. Why? The program includes great workout videos but more importantly for me: a meal plan WITH RECIPES! Every other program I have tried or read about stresses what NOT to eat or drink. Janis's Program explains what TO eat and drink and HOW TO PREPARE IT! Perfect!“                                                                                         
                                                                                         -Gregg W., Miami, FL
Lyna S.
Currently down 12 lbs and 13 inches and going strong after 10 weeks!!
"I have struggled to be the best me for a long time. Finally, I found something that works! This program provides the tools to succeed. It is the trifecta! Nutrition, exercise, and a team to support me and answer my multiple questions/challenges along the journey. I am so excited to be on my way to who I want to be!  The JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™ has turned my eating right side up! Who knew truly eating healthy could be so easy.  I also learned how easy it is to get my workout on with little space & time in the comfort of my own home. No excuses, you can do your workout any where, any time!"


                                                                               -Lyna S., Salt Lake City, UT

melissa c.
Currently down 14 lbs and 12 inches and going strong after 10 weeks!!
"I have never ever worked with a program that has taught me how to eat cleaner, shop better, prepare my food without hassle, workout with amazing videos harder, and actually lose the weight!!! I am proof that this program works over 8 pounds lost in 4 weeks and I never felt hungry or deprived of food. If you are looking to make a change, a REAL LIFESTYLE change...Look no farther!!!! "


                                                                                  -Melissa C., Wharton, NJ

sandra r.
Currently down 20 lbs and 38 inches She went from feeling total despair to STRONGER, HEALTHIER and feeling great as a result in just 10 weeks!!
"This program has changed my life!  I lost 7 pounds and 32 inches in 4 weeks, and now Week 12, I have lost 20+ lbs.!  With tasty and easy to prepare meals, awesome work outs, I continue to lose inches. I decided to give "Janis's program" a chance, and it changed my life. Not only did I learn how to cook great meals, it was a surprise to realize that it took less time than to order out. I am now eating on a schedule and doing the workouts every day.  At first I couldn't move my body to the rhythm of the exercises, but now I realized how easy they have become as my weight had become lighter and lighter, This program has worked from the inside out, a life transforming experience.  Amazing!"

                                                                            -Sandra R., Miami Beach, FL

Theresa r.
11 pounds and 8 inches gone! overcame a 100lbs. weight loss journey!! another incredible transformation as a result of her dedication & accountability group!
"In comparison to other programs this program surpasses anything that I've used in the past. The program has shown me how to eat healthier and make better choices for my nutrition. The JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™ helped me to lose weight and gain muscle.  I have more energy and an overall feeling of well being and health. I think the online workouts are great it's kind a like you have somebody there with you helping you through it can be very boring working out by yourself."


                                                                   -Theresa R., Seaside Heights, NJ

connie o.
6 pounds and 7 inches gone! overcame a 60lb. weight loss journey!! another incredible transformation for this mom!
"Working out has always been the easy and fun part for me, and I thought I was somewhat familiar with eating healthy until I started this program. I have learned so much about eating cleaner and understanding what my body needs to burn fat. Janis and the group were very supportive throughout the 4 weeks and helped me stay on track with the program. I liked that there were swaps for meals when needed. I am now truly comfortable in my own skin and like what I see in the mirror.         
                                                                             -Connie O., Philadelphia, PA
seana g.
Currently down 7.2 lbs and 9 inches and still counting 10 weeks in!!
"I was tired of always sabotaging my weight loss, so was excited to try something new. JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™ has taught me how to eat for fuel. I never thought I'd survive a month without butter, cheese or bread. Yet, here I am, 28 days later not even missing those items. I know it's easy to eat right without counting calories or constantly weighing items. I have always loved the way Janis coaches and encourages us  on her DVD’s. Through Janis's program, I learned to push myself physically during workouts. I learned I can increase my intensity level and it will be okay.:-) "         
                                                                                    -Seana G.., Tucson, AZ
kelli e.
Currently down 11 lbs and 8 inches and still counting 10 weeks in!!
"Janis’ program helped me with real food choices that are extremely quick and easy to prepare.  Everything was so simple from the grocery list, beverage list, and swap out food list was extremely helpful to stay on track. The online workouts were so effective and easy to pop on anywhere, that there was no excuse not to work out! I lost inches, pounds, and I feel a new love for cooking at home and prepping my meals. "         
                                                                        -Kelli E. Harbor Township, NJ

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sheri k.
Currently down 14 lbs and 15 inches and still counting!!
"The BEST food and exercise plan I have ever seen! The Janis Saffell 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™ is the most amazing and effective food and exercise plan I have ever seen! After four weeks I lost 9 pounds. After five weeks I'm down 12 pounds! I feel so much better about my body and about what I'm eating. I haven't eaten sugar, flour, dairy, soy or Diet Coke for five weeks and I feel fantastic! I love the fun workouts. Thank you so much Janis for this outstanding program! I am forever in your debt..."                                                     
- Sheri K, Salt Lake City, UT

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