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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Need to Join This?

Nope! If you feel you can go it alone and follow the JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™ and motivate yourself each week, then go for it on your OWN! If you want daily accountability, support, & inspiration from others, the #TeamJSFit Accountability Group is your answer.

Can I join the team without purchasing the JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™?

Nope! This private accountability group is only available for those who have purchased the JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™.


What If I don't like the team?

YOU WILL LOVE YOUR NEW BFFs! But if you don’t you can cancel at ANYTIME no problem!


Do I Need a Facebook Account to Join?

YES! Although there is content you follow with the actual JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™, the #TEAMJsFit Accountability Community is a Private Facebook GROUP! If you don’t have Facebook and are not willing to create an account to access the group, this is not for you.


Is this for MEN?

The JANIS SAFFELL 4-Week Fat Blaster Program™ was designed for both men and women. 


What age range is this group for?

This group isn’t about ‘age”, it is about how I and the team can best help YOU overcome the obstacles in your life.  





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