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DYNAMIX MUSIC, Signature Music CD Kardio Kickbox #6                                 2014

DYNAMIX MUSIC, Signature Music CD Domination X2                                      2013

DYNAMIX MUSIC, Signature Music CD FIERCE4 Vol. 2                                      2013

DYNAMIX MUSIC, Signature Music CD FIERCE4 Vol. 1                                      2012

SHADOW BOXER, Spokesperson                                                        2011-Present

TARGET, DVD series                                                                        2010-Present

DYNAMIX MUSIC, Signature Music CD                                                            2010

THE PERFECT CARDIO, Spokesperson                                                            2009

AB REVOLUTIONIZER, Spokesperson                                                             2005

MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT, DVD series Retail                                            2005

PETER PAN ENTERTAINMENT, Inspired Productions                                         2004

DYNAMIX MUSIC, Signature Tape/CD                                                             2004

MUSIC FLEX, Signature Tape/CD                                                                   2003

MULTI TRAX, Signature Tapes/CD                                                         2001-2005

MUSCLE MIXES, Signature Tapes/CD                                                     2001-2002

COUTURE ACTIVE WEAR, Spokesperson                                             2001-Present

FILA KICKPOWER, International Spokesperson                                       2000-2002

BODYWISE, Spokesperson                                                                    2001-2003

DIRECT AMERICA, Infomercial                                                                       2001

GUNTHY-RENKER, Infomercial                                                                       2001

IRON WEAR, Signature Hand Grip product                                          1998-Present

TOYOTA, Dance Team                                                                          1997-1998

DYNAMIX, Signature Kickbox Music Tape/CD                                      1998-Present

SPA CHIC, Spokesperson w/ Donna Richardson                                      1997-1999

REEBOK, Dance Team                                                                          1994-1995




Star, Yoga Extreme Download Workout                                                  May 2014

Star, Tabata Download Workout                                                            May 2014

Star, Total Body Workout Download Workout                                          May 2014

Star, SLIM. SEXY. FIT. YOGA/PILATES Download Workout                        April 2012

Star, SLIM. SEXY. FIT. CARDIO FAT BLASTER Download Workout              April 2012

Star, THE SPORTY GIRL KICKBOX Download Workout                              April 2012

Star, SMASH THE BAG Download Workout                                              April 2012

Star, BASIC TRAINING KICKBOX BOOTCAMP Download Workout               April 1012

Star, SHADOW BOXER YOGA DVD                                                           Nov 2011

Star, EXTREME AT-HOME WORKOUT 4 DVD Set                                        Nov 2010

Co-Star, KICKBOXING 4 DVD Set                                                                        Nov 2010

Star, CARDIO 4 DVD Set                                                                        Nov 2010

Star, THE PERFECT CARDIO DVD’s 1, 2, & 3                                            April 2009

Star, JANIS SAFFELL MIND/BODY DVD 4 Pack                                          May 2006

Co-Star, JANIS SAFFELL KICKBOXING DVD 4 Pack                                   May 2006

Co-Star, TOTAL CARDIO MIX DVD (w/ Juliane Arney)                                        Jan 2006

Star, BRAND NEW BUTT Plus STEP DVD                                                   July 2005

Star, BRAND NEW BUTT Plus SCULPT DVD                                               July 2005

Star, BRAND NEW BUTT Plus Pilates DVD                                                 July 2005

Star, BEVERLY HILLS PILATES DVD                                                         July 2005
Star, BEVERLY HILLS YOGA DVD                                                             July 2005
Star, QUICKFIX TOTAL CARDIO KICK DVD                                               May 2004
Star, DYNAMIC STRETCH DVD                                                                May 2004
DVD’s & VIDEO con.


Star, BRAND NEW BUTT & PILATES DVD                                                  July 2003
Co-Star, HARDCORE KICKBOX CIRCUIT DVD                                            July 2003
Star, BRAND NEW BUTT & MORE VIDEO                                                  May 2001
Star, STRIKE ZONE VIDEO                                                                     May 2001
Co-Star, YIN/YANG THE BALANCED WORKOUT (w/ Scott Cole)                       May 2001
Star, SOUTH BEACH SLAM VIDEO                                                          June 2000
Star, RINGSIDE EXPRESS VIDEO                                                           June 2000
Star, THE ADVANCED TINIX WORKOUT VIDEO                                        June 2000

Star, KICK IT VIDEO                                                                             June 1999
Star, ALL NEW KICKBOX EXPRESS VIDEO                                                July 1998
Co-Star, THE POWER TRAIN Workout, Guthy-Renker (w/ Mark Sisson)          Sept 1997
Star, STEP, KICKBOX, FUNK WORKOUT VIDEO                                         July 1997
Star, 10 MIN. ABS VIDEO, Crunch Fitness                                                July 1997
Star, 10 MIN. BUNS VIDEO, Crunch Fitness                                              July 1997
Star, A BRAND NEW BUTT, Crunch Fitness                                              June 1996



Star, Kickbox Strike Zone APP - i-mobilize inc.                                                  2010-Present

Star, Beverly Hills Yoga APP - i-mobilize inc.                                                     2010-Present

Star, South Beach Slam APP - i-mobilize inc.                                                     2010-Present        



Guest Appearance, FOX31 Denver News - FIERCE4 Fitness                              March 2012

Guest Fitness Expert, HSN – Ab Revolutionizer                                         Aug 2005
Guest Appearance, VSDA Home Entertainment Expo                                 July 2005
Guest Appearance, CNN Head Line News, Fusion Kata                               Nov 2003
Guest Appearance, QVC – Janis Saffell Video Series                                        2001
Co-Star, THE NEW ATTITUDE TV: Reps & Sets (w/ Donna Richardson)             March 98       
Co-Star, "The Power Train" Guthy-Renker Infomercial (w/ Mark Sisson)        Sept 1997
Host Celebrity Instructor, FIT TIPS TV: Channel 10, Miami                        May 1997
Host Celebrity Instructor, SO BE FIT TIPS: SO BE ON TV, Miami Beach       May 1997
Guest Appearance, GET ON THE BALL TV: Channel 10, Miami                   April 1997
Guest Appearance, GOOD MORNING NEW YORK TV: Channel 7                        1996
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Kick Butt"                                                         1998
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Body Blast"                                                       1998
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Funk Factory"                                                    1997
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "100% Pure Muscle"                                            1997
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Cardio Kickbox"                                                 1997
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Breakfast Buns"                                                 1996
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "BoxAerobics"                                                     1996
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Step Challenge"                                                 1996
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "South Beach Slam"                                            1996
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Turbo Sculpt"                                                    1995
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Circuit Crazy"                                                    1995
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Low Impact Circuit Breaker"                               1995
Star, ESPN 2 Crunch Fitness "Step Tech 2000"                                                1995
Guest Appearance, FIT TV "REEBOK VERSA TRAINING" series (w/ Petra Kolber)   1995




DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                          Winter 2014

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                          Winter 2013

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                          Winter 2012

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                          Winter 2010

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                            Sept 2007

MULTITRAX MAGAZINE, FIGHT CLUB - Kick Your Workouts into Shape    March 2005        

SPA MAGAZINE, 3 Pillars of Fitness                                                    Jan/Feb 2005

FITNESS MAGAZINE, Fitness Forecast - Crunch more Calories                March 2004

MUSCLE & FITNESS HERS, Top Video Picks,"Hardcore Kickbox Circuit"        Feb 2004

MSNBC, “Kicking things up”                                                                    Nov 2004

FITNESS MAGAZINE, "The Outdoor Circuit Workout"                                 Nov 2003

IDEA HEALTH & FITNESS SOURCE - Martial Fusion Classes Pack a Punch     Oct 2003

ECA NEWS, "Best New Video Release"                                                      Fall 2003

FITNESS MAGAZINE, Get it now:  Your best butt ever...                           April 2003

FITNESS MAGAZINE, The Rear View article, the back Workout routine        Dec 2002   

OXYGEN MAGAZINE, ****star rating “Strike Zone Kickbox Video”             May 2002

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                              Jan 2002

WOMEN’s FITNESS INTERNATIONAL, Exercise your right to Bare Arms!     April 2001

CALIFORNIA SPORT & FITNESS, Fila Kickpower (written in Italian)            April 2000

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                          Winter 1999

SHAPE, One on One (glutes/hamstrings)                                                 Sept 1999

SHAPE, One on One (inner/outer thigh)                                                  June 1999

FIT MAGAZINE, All New Kickbox Express, rated *** stars                       March 1999         

DYNAMIX MUSIC Catalog, Cover                                                          Winter 1998

FITNESS MAGAZINE, Killer Thighs:  The best moves to blast your legs        Oct 1998

SELF MAGAZINE, 10 Min. Buns, rated ***stars                                       April 1998

FIT MAGAZINE, Step, Kickbox & Funk Workout video, rated ****stars      April 1998

FITNESS MAGAZIN, The most challenging workout video, CIA 9702        March 1998

FITNESS MAGAZINE, Previewed in FIT BUZZ- Happy Hour                         Dec 1997

FIT MAGAZINE, Featured in "What America’s fitness stars eat             Sept/Oct 1997

FIT MAGAZINE, "Brand New Butt" video chosen as very best             May/June 1997

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:                                                                          4/27/97

FITNESS MAGAZINE, Featured as creator of "Lunch Hour Power"              April 1997

SHAPE MAGAZINE, Featured as creator of "The Sandsational Workout"      July 1996    

FIT MAGAZINE, Creator of "Smooth Maneuvers" utilizing the Reebok   July/Aug 1996

FIT MAGAZINE, "Brand New Butt" video rated **** stars                   July/Aug 1996

SHAPE MAGAZINE, "Brand New Butt" "potent lower-body toner"               June 1996

SELF MAGAZINE, "Brand New Butt" rated #1 body sculpting video          March 1996   




Guest Presenter, FitnessFest                                                                         2016

Celebrity Instructor/Choreographer/Educator, JNL Worldwide, Inc.                   2013

Celebrity Instructor/Choreographer/Educator, FIERCE4 Fitness             2011-Present

Choreographer “Shadow Boxer Yoga DVD”                                                     2012

Choreographer/Coach JNL “JNL Fusion” DVD series                                         2010

Choreographer The Perfect Cardio DVD Series                                                2009

Choreographer/Coach JNL “Fabulous Fit Mom’s” DVD series                             2007

Choreographer/Coach Donna Richardson “Sweatin the Spirits” DVD                  2006

Fitness Personality, FITXS                                                                      April 2005

Guest Instructor, FITOUR City Tours                                                      2005-2007

Celebrity Instructor, FITNESS FORUM MULTITRAX England                         Oct 2004

Guest Presenter, ECA New York & Miami                                                1997-2004

Celebrity Instructor, AAA/I City Tours                                                1997-Present

Celebrity Instructor, TSI SUMMIT NY                                                    2003- 2008

Guest Presenter, DCAC Washington                                                   2001-Present

Celebrity Instructor, BRAZIL FITNESS                                                            2001

Celebrity Instructor, VENEZUELA FITNESS                                             2001-2002

Celebrity Instructor, MEXICO CITY FITNESS                                           2001-2002

Celebrity Instructor, WORLD CLASS RUSSIA                                                   2000

Guest Presenter, AFPA City Tours                                                          1998-2003

Guest Presenter, WORLD IDEA                                                 1998-2002, Present

Celebrity Instructor, ITALY Fitness del Festival                                       1998-2001

Guest Presenter, FACT Chicago                                                             1997-2002

Presenter, FEI City Tours                                                                  1996-Present

Competitor, 5th place National Aerobic Champion -Team                                 1997

Competitor, 4th place World Trail Aerobic Champion-Team                              1997

Competitor, National Aerobic Champion - 1st place open novice                       1995



COO/Spa Innovators                                                                        2014-Present

The Towers of Quayside Spa                                                              2014-Present

CEO/President of FIERCE4 Fitness                                                      2011-Present

Jennifer Nicole Lee Worldwide, Inc.                                                       2006-2014

Group X Instructor Sports Club LA                                                         2005-2007

CEO & Creative Director of Couture Active Wear, Inc.                          2000-Present

Group X Instructor Crunch Fitness, Miami Beach                                     1998-2001

Co-Owner/Creative Director Avanti Health/Fitness, Miami, FL                   1997-1999

Aerobics Consultant for Gold’s Gym of Pembroke Pines, FL                               1997

President & Founder of Fitness Express International, Inc.                   1996-Present

Video Production, Choreographer, Coaching and Stylist                        1995-Present

Continuing Education Provider (CEC's) for AFAA, ACE, AAAI/ISMA        1995-Present

Group X Instructor Eden Roc ELLE Spa, Miami Beach                              1994-2013

Fitness & Aerobic Director, The Spa of Eden, Miami Beach, FL                  1994-1997

Aerobics Director for John Alden Life Insurance Co.                                 1993-1999

Group X Instructor The Fitness Company, Miami                                     1993-2005

Group X Instructor Grid Iron, Miami Beach                                             1993-1995

Group X Instructor Fountainebleau Hilton Resort & Spa, Miami Beach       1993-1994

Personalized and Group Exercise Programming                                   1993-Present

Provider of Educational Seminars for Corporations & Health Clubs         1993-Present




AFAA Primary Certified Instructor/Examiner

AFAA Step Certified Instructor

NASM Advanced Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

AAA/I Total Body Strength Training Instructor

AAA/I Primary Certified Aerobics Instructor

AAA/I Mat Pilates Certified Instructor

FEI Kickbox Certified Instructor

Thomas the Promise Certified Instructor

BOSU Certified Instructor

JOHNNY G SPINNING Certified Instructor

USGF Safety Certified/Judge/Gymnastic Coach

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