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Meet your coach

Janis Saffell Fitness

Janis Saffell is a fitness expert & holistic wellness coach,

creator of the Brand New Butt Workout Series &

10 Week STRONG at Every Age Workout Plan.



Love to Move
Love to Move

I'm excited to share my passion for movement with YOU!

I bring over 30+ years of experience as a leader in the fitness industry to my LIVE and ON-DEMAND workouts, designed for participants of any experience level

I understand how life setbacks can affect your motivation and your health. During my career, I have faced personal challenges including knee surgeries, neck herniation, sprained ankles, a torn hamstring, and a stress fracture in my back. Injury prevention and recovery has shaped my focus. I am committed to crafting fitness programs that prioritize safety, strength, resilience, and joy of movement.

Training with the right coach is key to safely achieve your fitness goals, discover newfound vitality, and gain confidence.


Together, let's embark on a journey to a vibrant, joyful you!

Janis Facts


I absolutely love to move my body.      I love the color pink.      I love warm weather.      I am not gifted in the kitchen.     

I love horses and all animals!     I have a passion for fashion & interior design.     I went to Midway College on an art scholarship.

After living in Miami, FL for 30 years, I now reside in KY to spend more time with my mom, family and friends. Through my online platform, I am thrilled to be able to reach clients worldwide and help people like you find their passion for fitness to improve their health and well-being no matter where they live.


I have been active my entire life. I used to go with my mom to her aerobic classes when I was in middle school and thought it was so much fun. Later, I'd actually become a National & World Aerobic Champion!

I’m a former competitive gymnast and USGF Level I-IV Skill Evaluator & Coach. I'm also classically trained in ballet.

I have studied martial arts (Kickboxing, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, & Aikido). I trained with Don Wilson (The Dragon), Scott Ashley (World Champion Kickboxer), and was part of the FILA Kickpower Team in Italy with Chantal Menard (World Champion Kickboxer) & Paulo Evangelista.


My current certifications include: NASM Certified Personal Trainer CPT, ACE Certified Personal Trainer CPT, AFAA Certified Aerobics Instructor, AAAI/ISMA Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

You may have seen me on ESPN2's "Crunch Fitness", QVC, HSN, FITTV, CBS TRAINER PASS, Jillian Michaels Fit Fusion & OwnZones Fitness. My Crunch Fitness “Brand New Butt” Video was a #1 standing video for magazines across the globe. I have modeled for and consulted with magazines such as Self, Fitness, Muscle & Fitness.

Love to Move
Love to Move
Love to Move
Love to Move
Love to Move

Meet the Team


I couldn't do any of this without my hard(ly)-working production crew.

Many of you may have met Coach Cinnamon, my handsome orange co-star to the right. He'll often join our LIVE workouts and is a fan-favorite.

Behind the scenes and to the left is our production supervisor, Prince Dior, who must approve all final cuts of our ON-DEMAND workouts.

Mr. Cinnamon


"I bought some of her work-out videos over the years and then when Covid hit I started joining her Zoom classes. Janis is a true professional, she's compassionate and has the innate ability to work with many fitness levels. I feel I have gained more muscle mass & endurance in the last couple years than I had in any other classes. She is the WHOLE deal!" Olia C

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