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My Story Jans Saffell International Fitness Expert

With a passion for fitness, Janis Saffell, brings over 30 years’ of experience as a fitness leader, presenter, and health advocate.  Her journey has taken her from a classically trained ballet dancer, gymnast, kickboxing/martial artist, National & World Aerobic Champion. As the President and CEO of Fitness Express International, Janis has combined her talents to provide trainers and instructors with top notch educational programs such as FIERCE4 Fitness.  Additionally she has branded several of our industries top professionals by coaching them from program design, web site layout, and finally social media marketing.

Saffell starred on ESPN2's "Crunch Fitness", QVC, HSN, FITTV and more.  With over 70 fitness videos under her belt, she was featured on CBS TRAINER PASS, was apart of the launch of Jillian Michaels Fit Fusion & OwnZones Fitness, and ITunes, not to mention her very own streaming video channel – JFit.TV. Her Crunch Fitness “Brand New Butt” Video was a #1 standing video for magazines across the globe, as well as her other videos that are sold at Target stores nationwide.

Her talents stem far and wide. For years she has designed and manufactured her own line of exercise wear under the name Couture Active Wear, and her private label t-shirt line for FIERCE4 Fitness. She knows the fitness industry inside and out, she has taught in some of America’s premier health clubs as an instructor, director, and educational consultant. She is the face of fitness and is a sought after expert for magazines such as Self, Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and several others.

As a strong force in the educational arena, her fitness certifications include American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Fitness Association of America (AFAA), American Aerobic Association / International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA), Pilates Certified by AAA/I, Johnny G Spinning, BOSU, FITTREK, as well as an array of specialty programs.


Don’t let her fool you, this bundle of energy still teaches globally as a fitness consultant, educational presenter at conferences and conventions, and works hand in hand with individuals as a web marketing and branding coach.


What you may not know about me:

  • I am a mother to my furry children Mr. Cinnamon & Prince Dior.  Dior is a 5lb Chinese Crested.  Mr. Cinnamon is the tasmanian devil who appears in class. :-)

  • Even though I am a fitness professional, living a healthy fit lifestyle, I have battled with many health issues.

  • I have had neck & back issues, 3 knee surgeries that prevented me from continuing my dance career.  All of my new programs are designed to prevent back pain to lesson symptoms and help strengthen the knees.

  • My life is not “perfect.” I have been through relationship & business hardships, I have dealt with adversity, but most importantly I have overcome and accomplished MANY of my goals through the healthy lifestyle I live.

  • I have been active my entire life.  Classically trained in ballet, was a competitive gymnast & studied martial arts.

  • Went to collage on an art scholarship!

  • A friend, without me knowing, signed me up for a Reebok Competition.  Well, with much hesitation, as I am extremely shy, I went through the audition and actually won a spot on a TV show called "FIT TV" with Petra Kolber.  The rest is history!

  • Here is my RESUME

Are You Ready to Super charge your workouts!

Workout With Me! 

I have put all my years in the fitness & wellness industry into play to develop doable programming for you and all my fitness friends around the world- from my 4-Week Fat Blaster program, to Fitness on the Road, Kickboxing, Pilates, Booty workouts, and weight loss goal setting programs. I do NOT starve myself. I don’t try any fad “quick fixes”, I don’t do dangerous magic diet pills and I don’t do unhealthy calorie restrictions…AND I don't expect you to do that either.  I have created healthy fitness weight loss programs that actually WORK! My programs build strong, sexy, toned, sculpted bodies without the dreaded word "dieting"!

I work out with every program I create using my OWN body weight & simple equipment with LIMITED TIME in the privacy of my OWN home or in a hotel room.  I use the same formula that is now outlined in many of my programs beginning with my 4-Week Fat Blaster program.

It totally works for me, It has worked for my family, clients and many of my friends around the world, And THAT is what continues to inspire me to create healthy fit weight loss programs like my 4-Week Fat Blaster Program for others like YOU. My work on ESPN2 "Crunch Fitness", HSN, & QVC, created a demand for my fitness programs and my award winning fitness DVDS!.

Your Transformational Journey!

Are You Ready? I WANT you to be next. I want YOU to enjoy all of the benefits my clientele receive on a day to day basis. Super simple, with tons of motivation and push.  YOU CAN DO THIS, and guess what?.....I’ve got your back!  So no more hesitation, Let’s do this right HERE.


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