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Yoga     Kickboxing     Recovery     Tabata     Pilates   Core     Hiit     Strength

Yoga     Kickboxing     Cardio     Tabata     Pilates   Core     Hiit     Strength

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Welcome to a healthier, more joyful you! 

My 3 FREE Introduction to Fitness classes are each 5 minutes long, easy to do from anywhere, and designed help you find joy in movement.

You'll feel amazing for getting started and

be ready for my 10-Day Introduction to Fitness Program

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Yoga    Kickboxing     Cardio     Tabata     Pilates    Core    Nutrition    Strength


Let's keep moving!

Already have a passion for movement or completed my

3 FREE Introduction to Fitness Classes  

10-Day Introduction to Fitness Program 

Improve strength, endurance, & mobility! 

My Journey to Health Program delivers the flexibility, fundamentals, and fun! Move through 3 weeks of ON-DEMAND classes at your own pace.

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Yoga     Kickboxing     Cardio     Tabata     Pilates   Core     Hiit     Strength

Live and On-Demand Workouts

Absolutely in love with movement? Me too!

Workout as often as you'd like: ON-DEMAND and/or LIVE!.

Pick your favorite type of workouts, choose a path that fits your goals!

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Yoga   Endurance   Cardio    Tabata    Pilates    Flexibility   Nutrition   Strength


  • Choose which workout to do

  • Choose when you workout

  • Progress at your pace

  • Enjoy pre-made packages,    YouTube offerings, or choose       from my extensive workout library!

Start where you are.  Choose how you move.

Love to Move!
  • Progress in real time

  • Join scheduled sessions

  • Real time interaction with Janis

  • Mix and match LIVE workouts with ON-DEMAND workouts to meet your goals and scheduling needs.

Live and On-Demand Workouts

Endurance    Hiit    Cardio    Tabata    Pilates    Flexibility   Nutrition   Strength


"I bought some of her work-out videos over the years and then when Covid hit I started joining her Zoom classes. Janis is a true professional, she's compassionate and has the innate ability to work with many fitness levels. I feel I have gained more muscle mass & endurance in the last couple years than I had in any other classes. She is the WHOLE deal!" Olia C

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Yoga    Endurance    Cardio     Tabata     Pilates    Core    Nutrition    Strength

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