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Janis Saffell Cardio 4 DVD Pak

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Janis Saffell Cardio 4 DVD Pak

Get ready for maximum results with 4 intense and engaging cardio workouts. Get the body you want with this collection of high intensity workout routines designed to shape, sculpt and strengthen those problematic body parts. These 4 cardiovascular workouts offer a fun an engaging way to achieve maximum results in the comfort of your own home. Renowned Fitness Expert Janis Saffell takes you through multiple levels of challenging and fun exercises that get your blood flowing while burning fat ad assisting your efforts to get the body you want!

WORKOUT 1 : MARTIAL FUSION CARDIO BLAST: Get ready to rejuvenate yourself with two calorie-burning and muscle toning kickboxing cardio blast routines. 48 mins

WORKOUT 2: BRAND NEW BUTT PLUS SCULPT: The ultimate sculpt workout designed to firm and tone your buns thighs and arms. 30 mins

WORKOUT 3 : BRAND NEW BUT PLUS STEP: A step aerobic workout that delivers creative combinations that will make you feel the burn. 35 mins

WORKOUT 4: DYNAMIC STRETCH: Rejuvenate your body while increasing flexibility with this deep-musclestretch workout. 32 mins

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