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Janis Saffell DOMINATION X2 Music CD

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Janis Saffell DOMINATION X2 Music CD

Dynamix and Janis Saffell are so excited to bring you this amazing follow up to the original Domination X album. This 60 minute, non-stop, intense energy album is sure to bring out your inner warrior and boost your workout effectiveness beyond your wildest dreams!

Janis Saffell Music Fans...we are so excited to release Domination X2 , a 60-minute non-stop, thumping and driving album with tempos from 1364 -142BPM. This album will be awesome for kickboxing, high-energy / advanced step workouts, conditioning, bootcamp and more. Careful, this could be addictive.

SONG LIST - 60 mins

1. Wicked Workout 136

2. Work B**ch (Clean Mix) 136

3. Boom Box 138

4. Mortal Kombat 138

5. Going Insane 139

6. Boom Da Bass 139

7. On The M.I.C. 140

8. The Revolution 140

9. The Dominator 141

10. Tainted Love (Hard Trance) 142

11. Dance The Planet 142

12. Werk Me 142

13. Sick In The Octave 142

14. Radioactive 142

15. Levels 142


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