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Janis Saffell Extreme At-Home 4 DVD Pak

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Janis Saffell Extreme At-Home 4 DVD Pak

Build strength, power, endurance AND mental toughness…right from your home. If procrastination has kept you from staying on track then you are going to love these regimented workout programs. Daily workouts keep you on track, plus you will be coached on exactly how to perform each exercise and schedule your training to maximize results. This workout set will help you achieve your most ambitious fitness goals!

WORKOUT 1: BRAND NEW BUTT PLUS PILATES: Join Janis for this butt-kicking workout, designed to maximize core strength, firm and tone your buns, thighs and arms. 45 mins


WORKOUT 2: AIKIDO DRILLS: This instructional DVD includes all the basic rolling, falling and conditioning drills used in the art of aikido. 33 mins

WORKOUT 3: THE SKINNY JEANS WORKOUT: The Skinny Jeans Workout will show you how to incorporate great fitness into your busy daily schedule. 100 mins

WORKOUT 4: MARTIAL FUSION CARDIO AND FLEXIBILITY: Burn calories through a fat-burning cardio kickboxing routine. 30 mins

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