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Abs for Summer? Here's Your Plan

Pillsbury Dough Abs…Oh NO

Turn Your Soft Belly into Sculpted Abs! Click Here

You have abs. Awesome abs, did you even realize that? But, here is the thing, if you can't see them, they are probably hiding somewhere under a cushy layer of fat and for some it’s a pretty stubborn layer.

For some, that layer is thin, easy to maneuver and can work its way to chiseled with a few added techniques in the gym, but for others the challenge is real. The fat is stubborn, thicker, and has taken on permanent residence on your midsection and can make you embarrassed to show your belly on the beach.

As with any goal, you need a plan and I have just that plan for you. The 4 Week Fat Blaster. This is my cutting edge, blast your fat, have fun, eat right, and get it done program! It is a lifestyle program designed for the entire family. Lose that unwanted belly fat and reveal the chiseled abs that lie beneath.

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Not convinced yet, scroll down to learn my No B.S. Guide to chiseled ab success.


Listen up, this isn’t easy, I know that, but if you really want it you are going to have to make some changes. Six packs are not made over night, although sometimes a one pack is. I am not going to promise that you can eat whatever you want and still get abs! But, you can eat more of the right foods which, will produce the right results to see your abs.

Let’s face it: All great accomplishments come with sacrifice, and visible abs are no different. If you can’t yet see your abs — but want to — you’re going to have to change what you are eating, make changes to what you are doing, and restructure how you are doing it. But the 4 Week Fat Blaster Program will give you all the tools to make these changes and so much more.

My cutting-edge system helps you:

1. Enjoy parties, get-togethers, and restaurant meals without guilt.

2. Meal prep for weight loss success.

3. Eat the right foods to speed up fat loss.

4. Quick easy to follow workouts in the comfort of your home.


Make no mistake: In the 4 Week Fat Blaster Program, I do show you exactly what to eat. And it includes healthy, protein-rich meals that help you feel full and stay that way. But I also give you the tools to easily build your own customized menu.

What does a typical day look like?

For Breakfast

Scrambled eggs with fruit or a bowl of cinnamon-apple steal cut oats with nuts.

For Lunch

Turkey veggie wrap or maybe a quinoa salad jam packed with nuts & veggies instead.

For Snack

Apple slices with almond butter, or instead opt for a protein packed smoothie, your choice.

For Dinner

Wild Salmon with asparagus, or a Hearty Turkey Chili. *can we say yummy!

I keep it super simple and delicious so that blasting fat is as easy as can be! Join me TODAY with over 50 recipes and over 20 exercise videos to choose from, you will be on your way to chiseled abs in no time!

Now let's blast those ABS!

Here's a quick 10 min abs workout:

Let's Do This!

Janis Saffell :-)

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Janis Saffell, America’s #1 Fitness Expert, is founder of top branded fitness programs including the “4 Week Fat Blaster”, “Brand New Butt” and “Fitness on the Road”. She is a leading authority on fitness programming and weight loss. If you are ready for a change and want to Super Charge your workouts, receive free tips NOW at

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