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Strong & Sexy Arms

Bye Bye Flabby Arms...No Push-ups Required

Have fun when you workout and it won't feel like work! Find an activity you enjoy! Start a Kickboxing Circuit workout to keep you motivated. Keep your body in movement and lose that 4% of your bodyweight.

Here is your JANIS SAFFELL FIT Challenge 4.

Complete the following exercises for Strong & Sexy Arms! You may use dumbbells (3lbs-20lbs) or tubing. Choose the weight that is challenging by the 12th rep. Do each round 3-4 times.

JANIS SAFFELL FIT Rounds Blast Arm Fat

12 Bicep curls 8lbs + (3-4 sets)

12 Shoulder Press 8lbs + (3-4 sets)

12 Lat Rows 10lbs + (3-4 sets)

12 Tricep Extensions 5lbs + (3-4 sets)

Workout with video below and learn how to modify this challenge for any fitness level.

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Get Healthy...Get Fit!

- Janis Saffell

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