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If I could only do one exercise the rest of my life......

Total Body Blaster | Walking Pushups

If you are looking for a full body exercise incorporating both upper body strength, core and lower body coordination, then the walking push-up is for you.

If I could only do one exercise for the rest of my life, it would be the pushup. Maybe you hate them or you think you can’t complete a single rep or you think being a cyclist (or a runner or a walker) means you only need to focus on your lower body.

It’s time to stop considering the pushup an arm workout and start accepting it for the body-altering, core-strengthening move it truly is. You don’t have to drop and give me 20; simply incorporating more pushups into your regular routine can help you reach all sorts of fitness goals, by helping you improve your posture.

What’s your favorite pushup variation? Tell me in the comments below!

DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED. Janis Saffell :-)

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