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Lunge & Kick Combo for Sculpted Legs - Video

Lunge & Kick Combo for Sculpted Legs - Video Rev up your metabolism and blast fat! This exercise works your quads, booty, hamstrings, & core for a weight loss fat blast.

*Lunges are a compound movement – which means it’s a movement that uses more than one joint (your hip and knee joints) to complete.

*Lunges will help strengthen your entire body, both your bones and your muscles (and your knees!), and increase flexibility.

*Kicks work your abdominals, lover back and the entire leg including booty!

1. Feet shoulder width apart 2. Weight evenly disturbed between the big toe to little toe, ball of the foot thru the heel. Think about a triangle rooted to the floor. 3. Engage your core 4. Step back with right foot and lower back knee into lunge so the front leg is parallel to the ground. 5. Left right knee forward and kick front leading with the heel. Ensure you avoid snapping the knee.

Do 3-4 sets, with 12 reps or perform exercise for 30-60secs! Become a member of JFit.TV for more sculpting workouts. Check it out and subscribe for full length workout vids.

Get Healthy...Get Fit!

- Janis Saffell

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