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The 4 Types of Exercisers - Which One Are You?

Creating healthy exercise habits is key to staying fit for life, but just being consistent doesn't always deliver the best results. Identifying the type of exerciser you are can help you maximize your workout efforts. After 30+ years in the fitness industry, training high-profile clients, and leading countless group fitness classes, I've seen it all. Here are the four types of exercisers and how you can step up your game:

The Non-Exerciser

The non-exerciser hasn’t given up entirely on fitness, but past attempts haven’t worked out. If this resonates with you, don't be discouraged—it’s never too late to start again.

The Yo-Yo Exerciser

The yo-yo exerciser has phases of regular workouts followed by periods of inactivity. If this sounds familiar, focus on creating sustainable habits to keep you on track.

The Routine Exerciser

The routine exerciser consistently works out but sticks to the same activities. While this is a solid foundation, there’s room for more growth and variety.

The Achiever

The achiever gets the most out of exercise—enjoying physical results, personal growth, psychological benefits, and social connections. This is the ultimate goal, but it takes dedication and effort to reach this stage.

Moving from Routine Exerciser to Achiever

Consistency is crucial, and maintaining regular exercise is fantastic. If you're content with your routine, that’s great. However, challenge yourself occasionally to experience the full benefits of exercise. Pushing yourself can be incredibly motivating and rewarding.

The Best Time to Push Yourself

Regularly reflect on your fitness journey. Ask yourself:

  • Am I getting everything I want out of exercise?

  • Am I achieving the results I desire from my workouts?

  • What’s holding me back from growing further?

If your life is too busy for more intense exercise commitments, it’s okay to maintain your current routine. But if you’re ready to level up, start with a self-assessment. Identify where you want to grow—physically, mentally, or socially—and set a realistic challenge you’ll be proud to achieve.

Ways to Challenge Yourself

  • Train for a marathon (if it's right for you).

  • Complete 20 fitness classes in a month.

  • Try every different JANIS SAFFELL FITNESS workout in a month.

  • Organize an adventure weekend with friends to add a social element.

Maintain Your Baseline

It’s unrealistic to always be in peak form. Aim for a 70/30 split, thriving most of the time while maintaining a baseline level of activity. Knowing your minimum acceptable standard helps you stay on track and prevents backsliding.

Top Tip: Find a Mentor

Growth is faster with a mentor. Trying to navigate new challenges alone is tough, but a mentor who’s been there can guide you past hurdles and help you succeed more efficiently.

Ready to transform your routine into achievement? Let's embark on this journey together. With the right support, you can unlock your full potential and enjoy all the incredible benefits of an active lifestyle. Are you READY?

Reach out I would love to help!


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