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Blast Fat with this quick Kickboxing Combo

Blast Fat with this quick Kickboxing Combo Do 3-4 sets, with 12 reps or perform exercise for 30-60secs! Become a member of http://www.JFit.TV for more sculpting workouts. Check it out and subscribe for full length workout vids. Visit me anytime on my WEBSITE: ▶ Get Janis' Newest Workout videos at http://www.JFit.TV ▶ Do Janis Safffell's Monthly JS Fit Challenges™ at ▶ Get a PRINTABLE Version of My 4-week Fat Blaster Meal Plan at ▶ Get your new workout gear at Let's Connect and Chat on Social Media! ▶ Instagram: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Pinterest: ▶ Twitter:

Get Healthy...Get Fit!

- Janis Saffell

Fat BE GONE! Give me 4 weeks to turn your body into a “calorie burning machine” and teach you the habits to get the weight off and change your life FOREVER! My 4-Week FAT Blaster Program will Maximize your Weight Loss! Change your Health & Change Your Life. Get Started HERE

Janis Saffell, America’s #1 Fitness Expert, is founder of top branded fitness programs including the “4 Week Fat Blaster”, “Brand New Butt” and “Fitness on the Road”. She is a leading authority on fitness programming and weight loss. If you are ready for a change and want to Super Charge your workouts, receive free tips NOW at

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