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The World’s Most Dangerous Food?

And the winner for this year’s most pesticide ridden food!?

The strawberry!

And, although it is not one to brag (so I’ll do the bragging for them), the humble strawberry has won the award for the last 10+ years!

I just read this crazy article that said that 99 percent of strawberries have pesticide residue. Then to make it even crazier, up to 22 different pesticides have been found on a single strawberry!

Not to mention...

Carbendazim - a hormone disruptor - has been found on up to 16% of strawberries.

And befintrin - a carcinogen - has been found on up to 29% of strawberries.


Here you are, chowing down on this most delicious fruit, thinking you’re improving your health when, in actuality, you are destroying your health!

Makes you think twice about eating that delicious delicacy of a strawberry.

So here we are making healthy food choices when some of those choices are ridden with chemicals. Are you with me?

Here’s what I mean...

You take the time to put together a great healthy meal…jam packed with nutrients?

You want to increase your fruits and vegetables, that is a given, but now you have to look at what they put on them and how they are grown?? Ugg

You are doing good but the pesticides and other chemical cocktails on your fruits and vegetables are not worth the health consequences.

It's pretty darn obvious what you need to look at…


The good news is, just like there’s an easy solution to getting all the strawberries you want without the carcinogens (eat organic), there’s an easy solution to buying organic and knowing when buying conventional is ok as well.

Enter The Dirty Dozen & The Clean 15.

With this quick and easy tool you can now pick high quality, high-nutrient dense fruits and veggies that are the best choices with low chemical content.

I advise choosing organics as often as possible, but if you’re on a budget or your selection is limited, these lists help you focus your attention on avoiding the most contaminated fruits and veggies.

We can’t wash & peel our way out of the problem. Washing removes some residents. Systemic pesticides are inside the fruits and veggies & can’t be washed away. Always eat lots of veggies, but choose organic when possible, especially when it comes to the Dirty Dozen items.

Making these small changes can make a huge difference with your win at weight loss and the toxicity levels in your body. If you’re curious to know my personal favorite weight loss solutions that has already helped 1000’s of people loss weight and keep it off for good Click Here to Learn More.

Decide. Commit. Find your Why.

-Janis Saffell

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