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Make “I can” & “I WILL” your motto for life.

Are you ready to blast fat and fire up the guns? Are you up for the challenge? Let's Do This together!

Make “I can” & “I WILL” your motto for life. You can do anything you set your mind to! You WILL WIN 4 YOURSELF!

Here is your JANIS SAFFELL FIT Challenge 1. Complete the following exercises to sculpt lean sexy arms! Do each round 3 times, every day for one month or for one week. You decide!

JANIS SAFFELL FIT Rounds Sculpt Lean Sexy Arms

12 Hop in place Speed Bag over head (3 sets)

12 Upper Cuts each arm (3 sets)

12 Jabs each arm (3 sets)

12 Push-ups (3 sets)

Workout with video below and learn how to modify this challenge for any fitness level.

Touch base with me and LIKE my FB page so we stay connected. Share this challenge with your friends and get them to commit!

Comment below and let me know how you liked the challenge.

Let's Do This!

Janis Saffell :-)

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