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How most people are (unknowingly) making the wrong food choices

A couple weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch, drinking my yummy tea and reading emails. I received one from a woman who was telling me her story and how she had spent years trying to lose weight on a variety of "low-fat" diets. She'd eat all the low-fat foods like... Low-fat yogurt... Low-fat muffins... Low-fat salad dressings... Low-fat cereals.. Etc. etc. And even though she was diligent, even though she stuck to her diet, and even though she didn’t cheat… She always ended up gaining weight! And, she couldn't figure out why. More alarmingly, when she went to the Doctor he said she was on the cusp of becoming a diabetic! She was shocked and perplexed. How could this have happened? Not long after that, she was with a friend of hers and they were talking about these low-fat diets. Then her friend revealed she had worked with me and learned that "low-fat" foods actually have tons of added sugar and chemicals in them to make them not taste like cardboard. And in that moment she realized she'd spent years eating foods she thought were healthy, but unknown to her - were actually the cause of her being sick and overweight! Sad, right? (And a bit scary). But what does that have to do with you? Well, the same thing happens with so many I hear from all the time… They spend a lot of effort, time and money buying unhealthy foods, the next fad diet, the next quick fix, the next...


You see, the misconception about diets is that, "DIET’s DON’T WORK”.


Here’s why: You may be changing the way you eat for a short period of time and then going right back to the way you ate before the diet. You may be choosing foods with fillers and additives and not addressing the root of the problem. "A lifestyle change." “The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. So the bottom line is this: Just because a diet is getting you results at the moment, doesn't mean these results will be long lasting or even good or healthy for you. You have to change your "state of mind". You have to create a “LIFESTYLE” change for your health and longevity. You have to decide that you are ready to do this, that it is possible, and important for you. It's time to STOP the overwhelming confusion about what to feed your body. For more details on how I help you do that in my 4 week fat blaster program, head on over to this link: You in? Janis Saffell

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