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FREE 30-Day Workout Calendar

FREE 30-Day Workout Calendar!

Welcome to your JSFit challenge! Think of this challenge as your road map to a healthier, fitter, happier you. We'll all do it together - #Team JSFit - and root for everyone's success. (BONUS: It's FREE!)

JOIN NOW & DOWNLOAD click here! Join the 30-Day Fit Challenge and you'll get a month's worth of video workouts, recipes, fit tips and challenges.

If you are having trouble clicking on Link for FREE Calendar via a mobile device... Click web address at the top of this page and scroll to bottom of home page & Subscribe.

Every day you'll get two workouts: One full workout and one fit tip challenge. Your goal? Feel great, get stronger, but most of all, loss weight and be happy in your own skin.

You'll take one day to rest each week to recover and reflect on how you feel. Plus you will have a yummy recipe to try provided by my team member and BFF, Holistic Life Coach - Adita Lang!

Use the hashtags #TeamJSFit and #JSFitChallenge to track your progress and virtually high-five others working toward becoming their very best!

What to see MAXIMUM RESULTS you will want to pair the 30-Day Workout Calendar with my 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge.

JOIN Now for your FREE 30-Day Workout Calendar!


Click here to DOWNLOAD

Get Healthy...Get Fit!

- Janis Saffell

Janis Saffell, America’s #1 Fitness Expert, is founder of top branded fitness programs including the “4 Week Fat Blaster”, “Brand New Butt” and “Fitness on the Road”. She is a leading authority on fitness programming and weight loss. If you are ready for a change and want to Super Charge your workouts, receive free tips NOW at

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