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Do you get hangry?

The Most Filling Snacks Ever....You'll never be hangry again.

It’s 3 p.m. your stomach is rumbling, you’re feeling sluggish and hangry! You are about to head over to that dreaded snack machine and buy whatever is available. Sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve skipped breakfast or lunch, or just eaten something that wasn't the healthiest choice like a donut or candy bar. All of a sudden you’re cranky, irritable and unbearable to be around. What the heck is going on? In the same way you may see a four-year-old melt down after a tiring day, as adults we feel hangry (hunger and anger) when our blood sugar dips too low for normal function.

It all comes down to your choice, being prepared and changing your snack game plan! The trick? Picking healthy, filling snacks with a good mix of protein, fat, and complex carbs.

“I love to pair a carb with a protein or a carb and a good fat for a snack that keeps your energy levels up and prevents you from feeling like you need a nap at 3 p.m. under your desk or starving 30 mins later!”

Here are my top super filling snack ideas:

Hummus: This snack is packed with protein and fiber and will keep you feeling satisfied for hours. Pair it with veggies like grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, or carrots. Or, if you want something crunchier, try rice or grain crackers. Avoid flour (pita bread)!

Hard-boiled eggs paired with half an apple: Not only are they convenient, but they are also a nutrient powerhouse.

Smoothie: Pre-workout, post-workout, or anytime-a smoothie is a very smart snack. I love a smoothie made with a plant based protein powder, fruit, nut butters or coconut oil, flaxseed, chia seeds, or hemp seeds. It combines a protein, healthy fat, and a fiber. This trifecta will keep you satiated in between meals and prevent blood sugar from rising and falling too quickly.

Granola: Granola is a great staple for snacks. Adding berries and sliced almonds makes this a special treat with extra nutrition that will sustain you for hours.

Pistachios: They contain an excellent balance of nutrients including plant-based protein, healthy fat and fiber. Opt for the shelled nuts because it forces you to slow down your eating.

Coconut Yogurt: Is an amazing source of protein and healthy bacteria and has less sugar than traditional dairy yogurt. Top with almonds or berries.

Apples and nut butter: You can’t go wrong with this duo, thanks to the fiber in fruit and healthy fats in the nut butter.

How to Head off Hanger

The trick is to eat meals and snacks that combine fruits and veggies, whole grains and protein, as well as timing meals and snacks so that blood sugar levels aren’t given a chance to dip. Ideally, always eat on a schedule of every four to five hours.

There’s science behind a balanced ratio of protein, whole grains and colorful fruits and veggies that helps energy and fuel release like a time capsule vitamin. Research shows whole grains give immediate energy, protein provides staying power to feel full longer, and water and carbs in veggies give the needed vitamins and minerals for optimal physical and mental functioning.

That combo basically takes you from the time you’ve eaten to the time you’re due for a snack or your next meal depending on where you are in the day.

Now you know how to never be hangry again.

Eat to Beat Hanger:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries and chia or flax seeds

  • Lunch: Chicken lettuce wrap with broccoli and red peppers; or Quinoa vegetable salad with garbanzo beans and raw nuts

  • Snacks: see above

  • Dinner: Brown rice, chicken breast, asparagus spears or Quinoa, kale, brussel sprouts and sun-dried tomatoes

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Here’s to a Slim. Sexy. Fit. New You!

- Janis Saffell

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