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Reverse Lunge with Fit Expert Janis Saffell

A majority of people HATE balancing moves.

They’re awkward and uncomfortable.

But guess what?

They’re also the moves we most often NEED to be doing.

That’s why almost every class I teach has some type of balancing in it.

And all too often, those are the workouts people ask me if they can skip.

My answer?

“The exact reason you want to skip the workout is the reason you HAVE TO DO IT! Soooo NOPE!” haha

Because we NEED to work on our mind-body connection. 😃

We NEED to work on our ability to recruit those muscles to stabilize from the ground up.

Our feet and lower legs are our foundation. And we need a strong and stable foundation if we want to be stronger further up our body.

That’s why in my Booty & Abs Bootcamp, Balletone, and Barre classes I make sure to include a BALANCE routine, which of course you have to repeat even though you’d love to skip it.

(And if you find balancing is a struggle, I coach you through the ONDEMAND workouts, providing variations you can start with to build up!)

These Booty Blasting workouts are so key though because of the “ankle-butt connection.”

They help you improve your balance and mind-body connection as you build a strong foundation and activate your glutes!

Especially if you’ve ever had foot or ankle issues…even ones 10 years ago that no longer “bother” you… your current knee or hip pain may be connected!

And all of the glute activation in the world won’t fully add up IF you aren’t doing the right moves to establish that mind-body connection from the ground up!

It’s why you NEED glute activation workouts like these!

So try the Balance Booty Blaster moves below to help activate those glutes!

The Balance Booty Blaster

Complete 1-3 rounds of the circuit below, pausing briefly to rest and switch sides after all 4 moves are complete (up to 30 seconds). You want to complete all 4 moves on one side before switching. If you find you can’t complete all 4 moves without pausing, you may want to switch sides after the first two moves or rest 40 seconds between rounds.

*Decrease the intensity and try 10-20 secs per move.

CIRCUIT: 30 seconds per side Warrior III 30 seconds per side Warrior III Squats 30 seconds per side Standing Clams 30 seconds per side Side Shift Skaters


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